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Originally from the college town of Northfield, Minnesota, Julie Rohr grew up with a keen awareness of the importance of home; her father built a successful residential construction company and Julie spent her youth surrounded by house plans and building materials. She was taught the importance of both quality in home building and integrity in service.

Julie moved to Minneapolis for her collegiate studies, focusing on an interdisciplinary major in Industrial Relations- a field requiring great strength in mediation skills- and German. She graduated magna cum laude distinction from Augsburg University before beginning a career in marketing research. Her experience as a qualitative researcher and independent third party reinforced and complimented her education, rounding out a skill set that would prove useful in her future career as one of the top luxury real estate agents in Arizona. After a brief time away from the workforce, during which she became a mother of two, Julie was allowed to head up a private family foundation, where she managed grantmaking to numerous legal and other educational non-profits. During her tenure as Executive Director of the Opperman Foundation, Julie met and socialized with numerous dignitaries, including several Supreme Court Justices.
When Julie and her family moved to Arizona more than 17 years ago, she was struck by the beauty of the land, as well as the thriving development shaping the Phoenix metropolitan area. The ensuing transition to the real estate industry felt natural and immediately paid off. Julie’s upbringing, her knowledge of housing, and her skills in effective negotiating are reflected in the near-instant success of her real estate career: her first listing was a home valued at over $2,500,000 and she successfully represented both buyer and seller in a 30-day closing.
There was no turning back from the world of residential real estate for Julie- she loved it and it loved her back. After many successful years as an independent luxury home agent, Julie Rohr expanded her ability to serve a greater number of clients by combining her talents with a coterie of fellow “top 1%” agents. Hence, the ROCO Luxury Homes group was born. “Having a partnership allows us to fully attend to the needs of our clients, whether they are searching for their first Arizona home or are looking to capitalize on selling their important home asset”.

In her free time, Julie enjoys playing golf and attending the theatre and musical productions. She loves golf, dogs, travel, and historical fiction.

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